Insuarance Approved - Insurance Preferred

The PDR steps & process can take mere hours, dependent upon the level of damage.  Most repairs are started & returned to the Guest in 24-48 hours.  Repair complete.  Your now back on the road in your fully repaired auto.

What will take a traditional body shop weeks to complete, PDR technicians can repair & eliminate all the Hail dents on any vehicle in 18 to 48 hours, all without the use of Paint or Fillers (Bondo).

After the final inspection from the insurance company, we begin work on your auto.

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We know there are the times for you to go to a great body shop for your repair.  We work with many shops & we applaud their Craft.  PDR is simply a Great alternative for times when that body shop paint & Bondo is NOT needed. 

  We will answer all your questions & give the best options for your repairs.  It is Your choice  to choose Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) or to go to a traditional body shop.  Don't let an Insurance Adjuster tell you otherwise.  You do have options.

The PDR process is faster for you.  Meaning less time without your car.

The PDR process is often better than a Body Shop repair.  We Don't paint your car.

Hail Damage Repair Made Easy

 Now Available

Mobile Hail Damage Repair  

  No longer is there a reason to be without Your car, to wonder what is Happening to it, when will this be done, when will that be done.  Everything from the Claims Process with Your insurance company, to the final inspection, this is Now done in Your Driveway with Our New Mobile Units & Techs.  No longer waiting for Weeks for the work to do done without You knowing Anything from the Shop.  It Really only takes 1-2 Days to Do the Repairs,  You get to see the process unfold in front of Your Eyes, all while keeping control of Your car.